Teen 'Rager' Party Allegedly Caused $45,000 in Damage After Online Alert

Delaware lawyer Stuart Grant sued a group of teenagers last October who he claims crashed a party his daughter threw. The suit claims the interlopers stole a jug containing roughly $500 in coins, prescription drugs which they allegedly crushed and snorted. They also allegedly stole electronics and "household items" the suit says. Grant is suing the teens for $6,000 in compensatory damages, and $30,000 in punitive damages.

Court records say the night of the party at the Abbett house Alex asked people to leave, but they wouldn't and he didn't call police out of fear he would be beaten up.

"My son wasn't friends with any of them," Abbett said. "Witnesses told me Alex was completely in shock at the party. He sent the one friend he had there to get help."

Police said that friend located a neighbor, and when the neighbor arrived at the home the party broke up. No calls to police were made until two days later when Jill Abbett's ex-husband was called to the house by Alex. After surveying the damage, he called the police and his ex-wife to tell them what happened.

The police and the Abbett family expect more arrests to be made in the case.

"We've received several leads that we're following as a result of the media coverage," Jenkins said.

Abbett said the students have since harassed her son, allegedly calling him a "snitch." Alex has not returned to school, his mother said, said out of fear for his safety since the four students were arraigned. She also said her son does not plan on attending his school's prom.

A Facebook page allegedly set up by one of the suspects called "Homewrecker Crew" mocks the destruction to the home.

"A fan page was created on Facebook the day after the party by the juvenile called the 'Homewrecker Crew,'" Jenkins said. "It has since been taken down."

Jenkins said the page was created to mock and brag about showing up to parties in the area and destroying the homes. However when asked about it, the teen said the name was "lyrics to a song."

Abbett also expressed frustration with the reaction by the East Bridgewater High School after the incident. She said the school district hasn't done enough to discipline the students implicated so far, especially since the four were allowed to return to school after they were arrested last week.

"I'm absolutely not happy with the school," she said. "They're bragging all over Facebook about it. I don't see any remorse whatsoever."

"One of them was on Facebook saying they can't wait to 'get drunk before prom,'" she said, adding that none of those charged should be allowed to go to prom or graduation.

East Bridgewater High School principal Paul Viera was reached by phone, but said he had "no comment" on the situation.

Jenkins said the four students had a meeting with school officials Monday night to discuss the incident, but the results of that meeting have yet to be made public, and Grossman, Peterson and Edwards couldn't be reached by phone.

One of the Teens Charged in Abbett House Destruction Said Party Planned

However the 16-year-old charged spoke with the Boston Globe last week and said only some of the story was being told.

"There are a lot of false accusations towards me and a few people,'' he told the Globe. "It's being blamed on four kids, and there were at least 100 people there.''

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