Is New German Beer Fountain of Youth?

It may just be the ultimate two-in-one beauty product. A new German beer claims to be an anti-aging tonic.

Klosterbraueri Neuzelle, a former monastery brewery in Neuzelle, Germany, says it has developed a beer named Bathbeer that is designed to slow the aging process. The beverage contains vitamins, minerals and an algae called spirulina.

The beer, which is expected to be introduced this week, claims to provide rejuvenation through either drinking or dabbing on the skin. In addition to Germany, it will be released in the United States, Poland and South Korea.

The drink, like any other alcoholic beverage, can cause intoxication and, of course, hangovers. "Please be advised, that our anti aging beer contains alcohol, 4.8 percent," the label says.

Interestingly, one problem with the beer is that its manufacture might not be legal under Germany's beer purity regulation. The Reinheitsgebot, as it is called, is the world's oldest valid law, dating from 1516. It requires that beer contain only four ingredients: hops, barley, yeast and water.

The matter is expected to be taken up in court soon, and the brewery could be required to label the product something other than beer.

As for whether or not it really does work as any anti-aging tonic, if the brew doesn't do anything when you dab it on your skin, you can always go the traditional route and use it to drown your sorrows.