Bride's Guide: Q&A for the Big Day

The Fed Ex delivery people must think that my parents are either shopaholics or operating a small home goods business out of their dining room.

Every day, packages of wedding presents arrive at their house, because my fiancé and I don't have room in our apartment. Plus, my sister got married earlier this year, so the delivery deluge has been gaining strength since December.

They say it's better to give than to receive. While it's fun to open all of the lovely and generous wedding presents, I also want to focus on giving something to the special people involved in the Big Day. First and foremost on that list is the groom.

It's tradition for the bride and groom to give each other wedding gifts (aside from a lifetime of love, commitment and support, of course).

Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss has already shared her recommendations for gifts for the members of the wedding party, but what do you buy for your future spouse to mark the most important day of your lives?

Mindy's Bride and Groom Gift List:

Bride to groom:

1. Watch engraved with: "to the 'time' of our lives!" or "It's our 'time" and the date or "Loving you all the 'time.'"

2. A good, high-quality camera, "to capture the moments."

3. Cuff links and studs (The truth, Mindy says, is that he might wear them to wedding and probably won't wear them very often, but it will be sentimental for the future).

Groom to Bride:

1. Jewelry

2. Jewelry

3. Jewelry

What Should a Groom Buy His Bride? Jewelry

The bauble should be something the bride can wear to wedding, said Mindy, adding, "I wouldn't recommend a ring, as your engagement and wedding bands should be the only rings you wear on wedding day."

Here are her top suggestions:


Necklace (pearls are always nice if diamonds are out of the question)


"If there is a family piece of jewelry, that would be nice too!" she said.

Viewer Question of the Day

A viewer also had a question about a wedding gift.

Mindy, what is the perfect gift for the Mother of the Groom to give to the bride at the wedding shower? The bride is a hard working PhD student ... And I love her dearly.

Mindy recommends "a beautiful piece of china from your own collection."

"I was going to suggest a piece of jewelry," she said, "but that may be better to give to her at the rehearsal dinner."

She said that luggage is also a great gift, "and if you can afford it, maybe place a note in it and treat them for a dinner while they are on their honeymoon!"

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