Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gifts

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Christmas is always a favorite holiday for the Bleeker family of Nevada, Iowa -- Kory and Tiffany, and their three little girls: Jade, 8, Mylie, 7, and Scarlett, 4.

"They're excited," Kory Bleeker said. "We've got the house decorated and the girls already made their Christmas lists."

But this year, feeling the financial pinch, the Bleekers were worried about getting everything their daughters want.

"We like to get them what they like, but sometimes it's hard," Tiffany Bleeker said. "We save throughout the year, and when Christmas comes you don't have the money to get them what they want.'

So the Bleekers decided to do something different.

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Do-it-Yourself Christmas

"We're both pretty creative and we like to make things," said Tiffany. "Kory likes to build things and I like to sew. We're hoping to be able to use our skills in those areas to make something the girls would really like and be special for them."

"Good Morning America Weekend" decided to help the Bleekers by sending in do-it-yourself expert Michele Beschen to build special gifts.

Beschen began by working with the couple to make a plan for their daughters' gifts.

"A lot of the things on their lists, believe it or not, we could have fun pulling together by using things that you have around the house," said Beschen.

"Working with old clothing and fabrics to make costumes" was a possibility, Beschen said. "Even reworking old furniture pieces to create fun pieces that look brand new, that they would never even know previously existed in the house."

Together, they came up with gifts each girl would love.

For Jade, it was an art center to make her artwork.


For Mylie, it was a 3-D bed frame with extra storage space.


And for Scarlett, it was a vanity to keep her costumes when she plays dress up.


The Bleekers may not be home-improvement experts, but with Beschen's help they were able to make amazing gifts with materials found around the house. They even wrapped the presents using bed sheets and ribbons.

"I think on Christmas morning, we're going to feel great," Kory Bleeker said. "To watch them open each gift and know all the time and effort we put into making them will be amazing."

"They are going to love it." added Tiffany Bleeker. "I am just as excited as the kids!"