Couple Sues Walmart for Calling Cops Over Bath Time Photos

The Demarees have sued the city of Peoria and the State Attorney General's office for defamation and Walmart for failing to tell them that they had an "unsuitable print policy" and could turn over photos to law enforcement without their knowledge.

Police and prosecutors insist they did what they thought was appropriate.

"It took us a long time to take a picture," Lisa said. "I even worry about them in their bathing suits now, if I get a shot of them in their bathing suits and they're tilting their heads a certain way or their hips are sticking out a little bit, all I think of is 'Does someone think that it was posed? Or how is that going to be perceived?'"

Walmart says that these are sensitive allegations, and they are taking the matter very seriously.

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Steve Meissner, a spokesman for Child Protective Services, released a statement saying, "When a police agency calls us on a matter, we have an obligation to act on that matter. If we refused, the community would be very unhappy with us."

The city of Peoria also states that it stands behind the appropriate actions of their officers.

"Honestly we've missed a year of our children's lives as far as our memories go," Lisa Demaree said, "As crazy as it may seem, what you may think are the most beautiful innocent pictures of your children may be seen as something completely different and completely perverted."

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