In Tough Times, Is 'For Richer or Poorer' Forever?

His commitment to support his four children — Lauren, 19, a freshman at Illinois State University; Anthony, 17, a senior in high school who's just been accepted by University of Illinois Engineering School; Taylor, 16, a junior in high school; and Madeline, 8 — has made it financially impossible for him to move out. So Tony and Dawn live in the same house but in separate bedrooms.

"We still try to have fun. The last thing we want is the stress of the economic situation and divorce to have a big impact on our children," Tony Joyce said .

The couple still shares household chores and parenting responsibilities, but what's awkward is that Dawn Joyce already has started dating someone else.

"That's probably hardest on them because they don't really see us as divorced, even though we are," Dawn Joyce said.

Neither of them has really been able to move on, she added.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Keep Going

As for Khady Hellyar and Dave Hellyar, the stress over finances and Dave Hellyar 's emotional shutdowns have brought their relationship to the brink. But now, both are committed to staying married by improving communication.

"This has been an opportunity because I want a good marriage," Khady Hellyer said. "I want my husband to be happy."

Relationship experts said the couples that weather this storm will come out stronger.

"If there was ever a time where you really need to depend on your relationship, it's during a recession — during stressful times. I mean, we need love and support, all of us," Kean said.

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