Jessica Simpson Does Her Family Proud

You may confuse Jessica Simpson with some of the other blond pop princesses — until you take a closer listen. This songstress is in a league of her own.

Simpson, 23, has made her mark with her beautiful, strong voice and by staying true to her own values — even in the glaring spotlight of the pop world.

Just like her contemporaries, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Simpson auditioned for the new Mickey Mouse Club, but she didn't make the cut. Still, the Texas native found her own motivation in her Christian roots.

"Well, my dad's a minister so I grew up singing in the church Sunday mornings," said Simpson, who performed in Bryant Park in New York as part of Good Morning America's summer concert series.

"I would be the special guest singer. I just really loved seeing people's expressions and how they can relate to every word that comes out of your mouth. That's just amazing to me."

An Incredible Voice

What is amazing to others is Simpson's lovely voice.

"Not only is she beautiful and a really good dancer, and a very charismatic presence, but her voice is incredible," said Amy Barnett, managing editor of Teen People magazine.

Simpson hit the scene in 1999 with her smash single "I Wanna Love You Forever." Next came the song "Irresistible."

Now she has released her most personal album to date, In This Skin.

A Role in Newlyweds

She has also written songs for new husband, Nick Lachey, who is a member of the boy band 98 degrees. The couple now star in MTV's latest reality series, Newlyweds, where they are seen having typical couple spats.

"Nick do you realize that all we watch is sports?" Simpson said in a recent episode.

"That's not true," Lachey replied.

"Nick, we were in the car today and all we listened to was the game," Simpson said.

She may bicker a bit with her husband, but Simpson is all about family, observers say.

"I think what sets Jessica Simpson apart is she has really said to herself and to the world, 'Family matters to me first,' " Barnett said. "'I'm going to get married before I have sex, I'm going to sing the kind of songs that will make me and my family proud.' "