Ringo Starr Performs on 'GMA'

When the Beatles broke up in 1970, no one would have guessed that Ringo Starr would eventually be the band member to tour the most.

Starr is on the road again with the eighth version of his All Starr Band. This year's roster once again includes Sheila E., Paul Carrack, Colin Hay of Men At Work and John Waite.

But front and center, there's Starr. Good Morning America's Tony Perkins, an avid Beatles fan, chatted with the former Beatles drummer, now 63, about his summer plans, boldly offering some unsolicited advice about what he should perform on the road.

Here is a transcript of the interview.

TONY PERKINS: I have to ask you this, as a fan and fans, you know, ask you this all the time; are you going to do any older songs that we haven't heard you do before?

RINGO STARR: Well, I might, this time, do "Octopus' Garden."

PERKINS: You should. You'd make so many people happy.

STARR: I know. But I just keep feeling with "Octopus' Garden" and "Yellow Submarine," it's like the underwater segment.

PERKINS: And I've heard you say that before. Let me just tell you as a fan.

STARR: I've said it before?


STARR: I'm repeating myself?

PERKINS: Well, believe it or not …

STARR: I hope they send someone else next time to interview me.

PERKINS: No, no, no, no, no. But from a fan's point of view, we don't care. I mean, we want to hear both of them. That's great. "Oh My My" — that's a great track.

STARR: Well, only you know it.

PERKINS: That's not true.

STARR: Yeah? The rest of you say "Oh, My, My" — right!

PERKINS: No. That was a big hit. People like that song.

STARR: I mean, people say that, but I, you know, I just feel that if, I can't do them all ...


STARR: … So let's take out "Little Help From My Friends" and do "Oh My My." What do you think?


STARR: You've got to be kidding.

STARR: The groove of the All Star thing is that people will get to hear me do those songs.

PERKINS: With the All Stars, the customer gets a lot of bang for their buck. They hear, it's like, it's all greatest hits and it's —

STARR: Yeah. Oh, they get one of the most incredible shows known to man.

PERKINS: Wow, that's, that's, well, we're not overselling it; are we? (They laugh)

STARR: And we'll be in your town this summer.

PERKINS: All right. All right.

PERKINS:(Speaking post-interview) Ultimately, Ringo didn't take any of my musical advice. Oh! He's probably just waiting to surprise me next year.