Music Legends' Kids Rocking Out on Their Own

Gabriel: "It's an acoustic singer-songwriter sound. I like quirky, slightly left-field music. … I'm still sort of discovering my own style."

Did you always know you wanted to pursue music?

Taylor: "I got into music really, really late. … It was intimidating to me, and I figured that I'd always be compared and I didn't know if I wanted to deal with that."

Hammond: "Growing up I never wanted to do music. … I figured it out on my own and just fell in love with it."

Simmons: "Every since I was younger I listened to my father's music, I always heard music and I always wanted to do music. I was always doing rapping and basketball."

Gabriel: "No, not at all, I think basically because it was my dad's thing I stayed away."

Taylor and his mom, Carly Simon, share their good looks

Do you remember when you first knew?

Taylor: "Eventually I figured that all of my heroes one way or another were musicians so I couldn't really find anything else that I really wanted to do."

Hammond: "I heard Buddy Holly and Roy Emerson when I was like 13, and ever since then it kind of just took off."

Simmons: "At the end of ninth grade I knew. I picked up the pen and knew I loved it. I was too short for basketball (laughs) and I felt more of a love for music."

Gabriel: "I was doing visual arts, painting and photography in college, and I started singing for fun and realized I love it. … I just realized I had to do it."

Hammond says his music "isn't connected" to his father's

How was had having a parent/family who is so established in the music industry affected you, and how has it impacted your music?

Taylor: "It was intimidating having such radically successful examples as parents."

Hammond: "It made me want to beat him. I felt like what I wanted to do was very different than what he did though. … I really have no connection musically to my father."

Gabriel: "It's pretty intimidating when you have a dad who does it well. Because of this it took me until i was about 23 to realize my passion for singing."

Simmons: "It hasn't really affected me in any way."

Taylor: "Because of who my folks are, when I started playing music I think at my first concert ever I had like 350 people there, and in the front there was like Spike Lee. … It was terrifying."

Simmons: "It puts more stress on me knowing that my father was such an icon and I got to fill those shoes, but I'm just doing to my best and do what I got to do."

Gabriel: "It's been a struggle because people have high expectations of you but at the same time a blessing — being exposed to wonderful music/musicians from all around the world and then his advice and encouragement, for example having me sing on tour with him."

Simmons is currently remixing one of his father's Run DMC tracks

Who have been your biggest influences?

Taylor: "Mozart and Stevie Wonder really more than anybody else. And I think that Mozart and Stevie Wonder are actually the same spiritual cosmic entity reincarnated."

Hammond: "Built to Spill, Woody Allen, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, The Eagles, The Kinks, Neil Young, The Clash, Lenny Bruce, John Lennon."

Simmons: "I listen to a lot of Fabulous — him and Jay Z, and of course, old-school Run DMC."

Gabriel: "My family. And then I listen to all sorts of music and am not aware of what influences me. … [My father] introduced me to all these world musicians. I grew up listening to music from around the world."

Taylor:"John Forte too."

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