Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

With the recession still hurting the wallets of couples across the country, "GMA" special contributors Melissa Rycroft and Cameron Mathison set out to find what men and women really want this Valentine's Day.

"I learned that nine out 10 women I talked to just wanted to spend time with their boy," Rycroft said on "Good Morning America" this morning.

VIDEO: Cameron Mathison and Melissa Rycroft ask both sexes what they really want.
Give the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Men said they also want romance. When Mathison asked one man what he wanted from a woman for Valentine's Day the man responded "the key to her heart. "

But for those who want to give their loved one something special in addition to spending time together, Rycroft and Mathison found that home is where the heart is.

The two stopped by Peach Tree Pottery in Los Angeles to hand-make their Valentine's Day gifts.

Rycroft made a coffee mug with the words "love you" carved on the side for her husband, Tye Strickland, and Mathison decided to make his wife Vanessa a Valentine's Day bowl.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Less Than $25

Earlier this week, trend and lifestyle expert Jane Buckingham visited "Good Morning America" with tips on how to enjoy Valentine's Day without breaking the bank, offering a range of creative and romantic gifts that cost $25 or less. Some even come free.

These gifts come in several different categories, so there's definitely something for your valentine.

Personalized Gifts

When it comes to Valentine's Day, personalized gifts are a good way to show someone you really thought about them, Buckingham said.

Gift: Personalized Heart Puzzle from Personalization

Price: $15.95

Why: This gift is great because it looks like candy, and children can give it to their parents, or vice-versa.

Gift: Loveopoly Game.

Price: $19.95

Why: This is a personalized and romantic version of the game Monopoly. Couples can put their pictures on the board.

Click HERE for 5 extra gifts that will spice up your Valentine's Day.

Gift: Personalized Golf Balls at

Price: $19

Why: This gift is great gift for a man, and may be particularly suitable for the woman who is in a new relationship and doesn't want to get too romantic. Buckingham said the gift shows thoughtfulness without going overboard.

Gift: Personalized Books from Amazon.

Price: $9.95 to $12.95

Why: These are the equivalent of baby books for adults, Buckingham said. The books have specific areas for couples to detail when they first met, their first date and other milestones of a relationship.

The man who gives this book as a gift is showing his partner that he really thinks about her, Buckingham said, adding that it can be fun for a couple to use the book to capture their memories.

Technology Gifts

Tech-inspired gifts, including unusual phone applications, or apps, are great gifts for younger people and those looking for something fun and funky.

Gift: Video from

Cost: Free!

Why: The app produces video images from all of your photos. You can create a 30-second video and send it to your valentine. If you'd like to send a longer video, the spot the length of a song costs about $3.

Buckingham said Animoto is one of her favorites. Anyone can use it to create a valentine for a child, for a 50th wedding anniversary or any other occasion.

Gift: Text gift from

Cost: $10 to $20

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