Sara Moulton Answers Your Cooking Questions

Samantha Bradley: I am a college student that does not know how to cook at all. Yet, I want to learn how to cook. Do you have any tips for me?

Sara's Answer:


Depending on where your college is you might be able to sign up for some basic cooking classes at a cooking school nearby (just Google local cooking schools). And/or why don't you buy yourself a subscription to "Everyday Food" magazine? It is a small magazine with really simple good recipes. Just making those recipes will teach you how to cook.

Sue Hutchison: Please help! My husband will not eat anything with sour cream in it. He hates the tangy taste. I can't substitute with cottage cheese or yogurt because he won't eat these either. Needless to say, this situation eliminates a lot of recipes. I love casseroles, but so many of them have sour cream in them. Could I use cream cheese thinned out with milk? If the recipe called for 1 cup of sour cream, how much cream cheese and milk would I need?

Sara's Answer:


It sounds like the problem is the tangy flavor not the texture of sour cream. In most recipes that call for it you might be able to get away with mascarpone, a fresh cheese from Italy that has a texture somewhere between cream cheese and sour cream but with no tanginess at all. Or, if the sour cream is used in a sauce just for its creaminess, you could try using heavy cream instead.

Hope that helps!

For more tips from Sara Moulton check out her website. Hope that helps!

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