Chef Sara Moulton Answers Your Cooking Questions

Sara's Answer:


We are going to cover all of this on GMA on Thanksgiving day in the morning so please do tune in. But let me try to help right now. It is almost impossible to get crispy skin on the bottom of the turkey because it sort of steams on the underside, particularly if you are basting and adding liquid to the pan to keep it moist. However, if you put the turkey on one of those solid v-racks in a solid roast pan the air will circulate under the turkey and you will get just a little more crispy skin all around (I am a huge fan of skin too, that is why I make sure nobody is in the kitchen with me when I carve the bird). Regarding the overall color of the turkey, I cover it for the first half of the roasting to keep it moist and then undercover it the second half to let it brown. There is not much you can do about those pink parts in the dark meat right next to the bone except what you are already doing. But you might try searing the leg thigh joints, meat side (pink side) down in a little oil or butter in a large skillet. That will very quickly turn the pink to brown and not overcook the whole leg thigh joint (which is what might happen in the oven).

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