Transcript: Chris Cuomo Interviews Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

CHRIS CUOMO: A political blunder.


CHRIS CUOMO: Because that wasn't about troops on the ground.


CHRIS CUOMO: I mean, I think that's the primary American concern is that the solution always seems to be send more people in to go fight, when the history of Afghanistan makes it very clear that the shortcoming there has been social, economic and political, that nobody has gone in there and just conquered them with military might. Is that fair to say?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Yes. Yes, in the past, yes. But-- again, maybe they didn't take that kind of crux (?), to be able to-- win.

CHRIS CUOMO: The Soviets gave a pretty earnest effort there. A heavy troop involvement.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Yes. But then, on the other side, there were assistance from the whole world. They were the U.S. assistance. There was coalition. There was Pakistan assistance. There was a sanctuary available beside. There was a total supply of high quality weapons, equipment, manpower coming from the world, going in against the Soviets. It was a different situation.

CHRIS CUOMO: When do you think that the decision has to be made about what to do in Afghanistan? Can we wait?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: From-- troop-- additional troops point of view? I think you should take it immediately. You should have taken it yesterday.

CHRIS CUOMO: Yesterday.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Yeah, we-- we must-- the the commander on ground wants more troops. And I believe, from military point of view, that is absolutely correct, so we have to decide whether we want to follow a strategy which is being recommended from the military point of view, or we have some other strategy. There is-- some other strategy, by all means, then don't send troops. But we're not to be (?) clear, then what is the strategy?

CHRIS CUOMO: Will you-- will Pakistan send more troops?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: To-- to Afghanistan? No, no, I don't think so.


PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: No, that-- that is not possible. We-- we have our hands full and we have-- we have to deal with this, and there is-- their situation on our eastern border, a threat which emanates from the presence of a very, very large force. Therefore, we have to be careful all around, from our external threat and an internal threat that we are dealing.

CHRIS CUOMO: Well, doesn't the U.S. have a lot on its plate also and--


CHRIS CUOMO: --it's been engaged now in a war for eight plus years.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Yes. Yes-- it started-- it was you who invaded and came into Afghanistan, so you better face it now and win there.

CHRIS CUOMO: But you said that we had to go in there.

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: You had to go in. Now you are going back to 9/11. I didn't say you had to go in there at that time, you know?

CHRIS CUOMO: So you think--


CHRIS CUOMO: --that the decision to go into Afghanistan in 9/11 was right or wrong?

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