Nine in 2009: 'Good Morning America's' Most Popular Stories on

As the year and the decade draw to a close, we're looking back at some of the most popular "Good Morning America" stories on from 2009.

The list includes breaking news stories, exclusive interviews, trends in health and lifestyles and feature stories.

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2009 Stories

Jaycee Dugard Rescued From Captivity, Reunited With Family

On Aug. 27, 2009, a girl who was snatched off the street 18 years ago was found and the man-and-wife team that allegedly grabbed her was arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape.

The story of Jaycee Dugard captivated the country. She was rescued after Phillip Garrido, 58, took her two daughters to hand out religious material at the University of California-Berkeley campus, tipping off two police employees there.

Dugard, whom Garrido had renamed Allissa, was reunited with her mother, Terry Probyn, and her 19-year-old stepsister, Shayna, who was 1 when Jaycee disappeared in 1991 at age 11.

"As of this moment, we are just reuniting and everything is going well," Shayna wrote in response to a question from ABC News on her MySpace page.

Garrido and his wife, Nancy, have been charged on 28 counts, including rape and kidnapping. They have pleaded not guilty.

Read the story: Jaycee Lee Dugard Found: Parents Prepare for New Life With Missing Child.

Photos of Jaycee Dugard: Where Jaycee Lived for 18 Years.

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'GMA's' Most Popular Stories on in 2009

2009 Stories

Top 9 Unhealthiest Foods You Can Order

When ordering a dinner entree at a restaurant, few expect the waiter to return with a plate that holds more than their daily supply of calories -- or enough salt to meet their maximum daily intake for three days.

But if you order from the menu at some popular chain restaurants, that is exactly what you can expect to get, according to a report entitled "XTreme Eating 2009," released in June by the nutrition and advocacy organization Center for Science in the Public Interest.

The list includes dishes at restaurants such as the Olive Garden, the Cheesecake Factory, Chili's and Red Lobster.

Read the story: The 9 Unhealthiest Foods You Can Order at Restaurants.

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2009 Stories

Police Arrest Raymond Clark for Murder in Annie Le Case

Accused Yale murderer Ray Clark was arrested Sept. 17, 2009, brought into court in chains where he was ordered held on $3 million bail, and then sent to a maximum security prison to await trial for allegedly killing graduate student Annie Le.

The rapid chain of events brought to a climax the investigation into Le's disappearance in a Yale lab where she and Clark worked more than a week earlier. Her strangled body was discovered crammed into a wall on the day she was supposed to get married.

Clark has since been charged with Le's murder and has not yet entered a plea. His public defenders say they plan to plead not guilty, but they are waiting to see more evidence before they decide whether to request a hearing that would require state attorneys to present proof of probable cause.

Read the story: Raymond Clark Sent to Max Security Prison for Annie Le Murder.

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