Kyron Horman's Mom: Terri Horman 'Stashed' Missing Oregon Boy

Kyron Hormans Mom: Terri Horman Stashed Missing Oregon Boy

Desperate to see her 7-year-old son again, Kyron Horman's mother has lashed out at the boy's stepmother, saying she believes Terri Horman has "stashed" the missing boy somewhere.

Desiree Young told People magazine Tuesday that, despite repeated pleas for Terri Horman to cooperate with police, she's depending on the investigation to bring her son home.

VIDEO: Search for Kyron: Sheriff Speaks Out
Kyron Horman Search: Police Increase Reward

"I believe that he's stashed," she said.

Her statement came the same day that she made an emotion public appearance alongside the investigators who have been searching for the second-grader for nearly two months.

"We love you Kyron, never give up hope," she said through her tears. "We are all coming to get you, to bring you home."

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office officials announced yesterday that the reward money for information leading to Kyron would be doubled to $50,000, with the money coming from an anonymous donor.

But police said little about their investigation, leaving most of the talking once again, to Kyron's parents, Young and father Kaine Horman. The supposed press conference that promised more information on the investigation abruptly ended with no further comment from police and no chance for questions.

VIDEO: Search for Kyron: Grand Jury Convenes
Missing Kyron Horman Case: Grand Jury Convenes

Bruce McCain, a retired captain with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, accused authorities of using Kyron's family as "stage props."

"They're using Kaine Horman as their de-facto public information officer and he's got enough on his plate," he said.

But, he added, this could be yet another sign that the case is inching toward an arrest.

"A lot of people are saying is an arrest imminent. I would use the word imminent," McCain said. "I think we will see indictments out of this process inevitably."

In a taped interview with The Oregonian, Young said she was suspicious from the start, citing e-mails she received from Terri Horman on June 4, the day Kyron went missing.

VIDEO: Kyron Latest
Is Kyron Horman Investigation on Track?

"Sometimes I talk on her e-mail with her five times a day it depends on the day but she was very short and to the point which is very unusual for her," Young told the paper. "She e-mailed me like three or four times that day which is kinda strange, normally it is a wordy e-mail."

Investigators have subpoenaed and are searching numerous computers and hard drives, but no one has been charged in the case.

Grand Jury Convenes, Calls Terri Horman's Friend to Testify

Terri Horman has remained steadfastly silent through most of the investigation, only releasing brief statements through her attorney that she did not have anything to do with Kyron's disappearance.

VIDEO: Missing Kyrons dad Kaine Horman can move back into the family home.
Search for Kyron Horman: Stepmom Terri Horman Moves Out

But a recently convened grand jury might suggest otherwise. One of the first people subpoenaed was DeDe Spicher, a close friend of Terri Horman's who was named by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young last week as someone who may have aided Terri Horman in taking Kyron.

DeDe Spicher, 43, had no comment outside the courthouse Monday. She has not been charged with a crime. Her attorney, Chad Stavely, told ABC's Portland affiliate KATU that Spicher was asked no questions but told to return, possibly within a few weeks.

The search for Kyron is nearing its second month. He disappeared from his Portland elementary school after an early morning science fair.

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