Win a Year's Worth of Milk

VIDEO: Milk Street Team to give 1 million samples for the "Pour One More"
WATCH Group Hands Out Free Milk Samples Across USA

Let's be honest, most of us don't drink as much milk as we should -- that's why the Milk Processor Education Program and the company behind the WhyMilk? campaign are giving away a multitude of milk prizes. Check out what you could win.

Milk Giveaway:

Free Milk for a Year for Your Whole Family! Go online to enter for a chance to win free milk for one year. 120 winning families will be mailed a 52-week coupon book for a year's supply of milk in gallons.

First 100,000 Entrants Will Get a Coupon for Free Milk with Purchase (up to $4)

Coupons include:

*Free half gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of white gallon)

* Free white milk gallon (with $100 grocery purchase)

* Free half gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of two white gallons)

* Free single serve (with purchase of white gallon or half gallon)

CLICK HERE to enter or text WIN to 38488 and get the nine essential nutrients missing in American diets.