Holy Mole: NYC Restaurant Is Offering a $45 Burrito

What's next? A $100 pizza?

The Old Homestead, the renowned New York steakhouse, was the first restaurant to transform inexpensive fast-food American meals into trendy and pricey dinners.

It began charging $41 for a Kobe beef burger earlier this year, and soon followed up with a $19 hot dog.

Next came the burrito. A New York City restaurant called Salon Mexico is featuring a $45 burrito called "el burrito elegante."

While the elegant burrito looks like an average Mexican wrap from the outside, scrumptious prime filet mignon and other rare and expensive ingredients are lying inside the folded corn tortilla.

Fancy fungus also helps to justify the burrito's hefty price tag. The tortilla is stuffed with huitlacoche, rare and expensive "Mexican truffles" which are formed by a corn fungus. Black truffles, another rare type of fungus that wholesales for $44 per ounce, are also in the mix.

The 10-inch-long burrito, created by the restaurant's executive chef Alan Miguel Kaplan, is served with truffle-infused salsa with chipotle chile. It can be shared by four people as an appetizer.

Meanwhile, Burger King, Wendy's and McDonald's are still offering regular old hamburgers for about a dollar. And Taco Bell is still serving beef burritos, sans the fungus, for just a few bucks in New York. If you still want the luxury without the price tag you can do takeout, adding your own white tablecloth and a candle for free.

To find out more about the restaurant offering the Kobe beef hot dog and hamburger, go www.oldhomesteadsteakhouse.com. Find out more about the restaurant serving the pricey burrito at salonmexiconyc.com.