Live From New York Book Excerpt-

Lorne used to say that coke was God's way of telling you that you have too much money. He used to say, "Don't stay on one thing. If you're going to take anything, rotate them." This was a long time ago.

DICK EBERSOL: There were drugs, but I was not nor have I ever been a drug user. I'd been around them in college. I just made different choices. I fell in love with business.

LORNE MICHAELS: The widow Belushi was quoted in a book about a time when she found coke on John in the first season of the show and she said, "Where did you get it?" and he told her that Chevy and I gave it to him. But he had been doing coke for years.

CHEVY CHASE: Everybody was supplying him, supposedly. No, I was supplying Lorne, who was supplying John, it was a middleman kind of thing.

CRAIG KELLEM: John Belushi and I have the same birthday, January 24th. In 1976 they had a party for John but kind of included me. And the cake that they gave him was a facsimile of a quaalude. My cake was a facsimile of a Valium.

HOWARD SHORE: I went on the road for four years with a rock group, and this was '69 through '72, the years before the show, and we opened for acts like the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. Those four years of touring for me - you talk about partying. Those were the great amazing rock-and-roll years. So by the time I came off the road in '72, I did a few years of performing on my own, and writing film documentaries. So by '75, when I went to NBC to start to do the show, I'd already had years of rock and roll. And partying. And quite hard partying at that. So now the midseventies were actually the comedy generation, a new generation; these were like the rock stars of that period - Belushi and Aykroyd and Chevy. It was a new generational thing. Those groups were now just experiencing the kind of era that I had been through already, officially on the road for all those years, so whatever they were up to never seemed as monumental as the craziness I'd already seen on the road.

TOM SCHILLER: Belushi was the first person to show me how to roll a joint. It was very exciting. You would come to the seventeenth floor, and as you walked down the hall, the stench of marijuana would greet you like about a hundred feet away from the offices. They kind of turned a blind eye to all that. It was like suddenly it was okay to do that. These "kids" were doing a show and it was all right. I remember Lorne at one of the earliest meetings, when we were sitting in his office, the first thing he did was light up a joint and pass it around. It was like saying, "It's okay to smoke up here." Maybe Jane Curtin didn't smoke and maybe Marilyn Miller didn't, but that was about it. That was our drug of choice. Then it turned to coke. I didn't like coke. I tried it for one week and I just got diarrhea.

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