Joel Siegel's List of Best New DVD Releases

As if there weren't enough new fall movies coming out at once, there is also a treasure trove of new DVD releases to catch up on, some just coming out today.

Good Morning America's Entertainment Editor Joel Siegel came up with his must-have DVD picks, among the new ones coming out. Here's the hot list:

1. Grease: I hated Grease when it came out. The high school kids all looked 35. It was silly stupid, sentimental … and those are the same reasons I love it today. The double DVD of Grease comes out next week, and includes John Travolta in a documentary about the making of the movie.

2. Twist : A documentary that looks back on the American Bandstand phenomenon, and the birth of freestyle dancing, is just out on DVD.

3. Atomic Café: A documentary that takes a look back at the "duck and cover" civil defense films that Cold War-era schoolchildren viewed. The films were supposed to teach children what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

4. Dogtown and Z-Boys: A recent movie that takes place in the 1970s features teen surfers in Los Angeles who invented skateboarding, turning it into a whole new sport and lifestyle.

5. The Mary Tyler Moore Show: The first season of the The Mary Tyler Moore Show — TV at its best, is now on DVD.

6. Hollywood Screen Tests: A look back at Hollywood screen tests includes Dustin Hoffman testing for his role in The Graduate, and Walter Matthau testing for the The Seven Year Itch. (Matthau didn't get the part.)

7. Panic Room: Starring Jodie Foster, Panic Room was a hit thriller on the big screen, and the suspense builds even bigger watching it in your home.

8. Kissing Jessica Stein: A little indy movie you probably missed. Even though Stein's dates aren't great, this is a great date film.

9. Metropolis: One of the most stunningly visual animated features I have ever seen. It features Japanese animation, called anime.

10. Earth Versus the Flying Saucers: You know the flying saucers are from the moon, because the special effects are so cheesy. They are by the cinema hero who perfected stop motion animation, Ray Harryhausen.

11. Monsters Inc.: In the hidden world of "Monstropolis," scaring kids is an imperative in order to keep the entire city running. A great double DVD, out next week.

12. Singing in the Rain: This new double DVD, loaded with features, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the greatest movie musical ever. The print has been digitally restored with a surround-sound soundtrack. The DVD includes What A Glorious Feeling, a documentary about the making of Singing In The Rain. (The runner-up for best musical is A Hard Day's Night, a movie about Beatlemania, which comes out later this month.)