Uncle Speaks Out on Shark Rescue

"I told them it was in the shark and they turned the shark over on its side and stuck a retractable baton into its mouth and pried it open," Vance Flosenzier said. "They could see it was still lodged in its throat."

A Slow Recovery

Surgeons were able to reattach the arm, but Jesse still had a very long road to recovery ahead. He emerged slowly from a coma, but today is still unable to speak and struggles with severe physical impairments.

"He still doesn't speak," Diana Flosenzier said. "He can communicate, and he can move his uninjured arm with purpose to pick up objects — not real well, but he can do that. All of that is stuff that he couldn't do six months ago."

If his progress continues, it might take years, but he could have a very good chance of recovery, Vance Flosenzier said.

His aunt and uncle are cautiously optimistic, but realize that recovery won't be easy. It requires hours of therapy, with Jesse learning to walk again, and hoping to talk again.

"His dad has not gone back to work," Diana Flosenzier said. "It's a full-time job, caring for Jesse. It's been difficult for all of them, there's no doubt about that. And hopefully as Jesse progresses, the family will heal, too."

The aunt and uncle live an hour from Jesse and his family's home in Ocean Springs, Miss, and they visit him each week. He smiles, they say, each time they come to the door.

"When he survived the first night, I knew he was going to make it," Diana Flosenzier said. "There's not been any question in my mind, that he was going to be OK. That remains to be seen, I mean the story's not over for us, but I guess I still feel that way."

ABCNEWS' Erin Hayes reported this story for Good Morning America.

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