Sex Books For Women

A hot new crop of sex books for women are getting scooped up by ladies who are no longer shy about buying and reading books aimed at increasing their own pleasure.

The Berman sisters, the best-selling authors of a book on overcoming sexual dysfunction called For Women Only, say the increasing number of sex books for women are proof that women are taking control of their own lives

"Women are taking more control of their lives in many ways, from the workplace to the home and with that comes more self-confidence and emphasis on improving their sexual lives," Laura Berman said.

There's also a heightened awareness about dysfunction and the potential for real physical treatments, she said.

Jennifer and Laura Berman looked at the following five newly released sex books.

Getting The Sex You Want, by Sandra Leiblum and Judith Sachs Her Way, by Paula Kamen Satisfaction, by Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson Sex Matters For Women, by Sallie Foley What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X, by Dr. Hilda Hutcherson

Jennifer Berman has three particular favorites among the five they looked at. She says readers should know what they want to get out of such a book before choosing one.

First on her list is Her Way. "It's sort of a sociological look at Generation X women, how their sex lives are becoming more like men's sex lives. They have more partners and more sex, but they're not any more satisfied than their parents were," she said

Getting The Sex You Want is a very thorough look at what you can do to avoid sexual dysfunction," said Jennifer Berman. "It's based on good scientific information."

Satisfaction: The Art Of Female Orgasm, is more a of pocket guide, Jennifer Berman said. The book, which comes shrink-wrapped because of its illustrations, is like a how-to manual that's entertaining, according to the both Jennifer and Laura Berman.

If women are looking for a good basic guide on sex and what's "normal," Laura Berman said they'll find it in What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex.