Partygoers Bond Over Botox Treatments

Another woman said that her daughter prompted her into the procedure.

"I have a daughter going off to college," said Jami Abell-Venit. "I don't want to look like I have a daughter going off to college."

Added to Social Calendars

What's unusual about the get-together is probably the fact that the patients would rather bond over Botox, than show up for the procedures solo. But it makes sense to the attendees.

"I think it helps reduce your anxiety," Leibovitch said. "And, makes it a little more fun, social."

One trio of friends has celebrated their 40th birthdays together, and the birth of their children. So why not Botox injections?

The only thing that puts a little damper on things is paying the bill. Even with the doctor's party discounts, one typical price tag was $725.

"The down side is the dog has to eat cheaper dog food, because we have to budget for it," Rosenquist said, laughing.

Partying Pays Off

A few days later, most of the moms believe their partying paid off.

"I'm just really surprised with this area," Leibovitch said, pointing to the sides of her eyes. "I feel like it took 10 years off my face."

Another woman, Lisa, noted that the procedure seemed to erase her frown.

"I definitely see a change," she said. "I look more awake; and I don't look like I'm frowning."

A few days after the procedure, Rubin was recovering.

"I do have some bruising, but I'm sure that time will erase that because it's just been a few days," she said.

One patient pointed out that the effects of Botox wear off in a few months.

"You know, the good thing about Botox: it's not permanent. So if you do it, and you don't like it, in three or four months, it's gone," Rosenquist said.

But Botox isn't for every mom.

"I"m just not going there," said Dena Wenzel, a mom of four. "I can live with these wrinkles … I've got four children — not a lot of sleep. This is just me."

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