Vince Vaughn Takes on Menacing Role

VAUGHN: …but you are. And all the Chicago teams, it's hard for us. Is it the Cubs? Are we going to make it this year? Things don't work out for us.

GIBSON: It never does.

VAUGHN: Yeah, it never does. But I love that story, let me tell it again. But anyway, I went down with a friend who was going to audition for something and I got cast in the part. And it was an industrial film, a sex education film. You know where it starts like in a car…

GIBSON: You started in a sex education film?

VAUGHN: I did.

GIBSON: Where the girl says, "No, no, Fred, don't do that."

VAUGHN: We're like in a car sitting together, I believe. You know, I never saw it. But the funny thing was once I left, it was like shown in my high school, like in the health class or whatever. But, anyway, I was in a car and it's like, "Come on, I think we're ready," and she's like, "I'm not ready," and I'm like, "When is it ever," something like that. She storms out of the car.

GIBSON: Ready for what, Vince?

VAUGHN: I don't know what — it's a morning show. You know what I mean?

GIBSON: That's where you start, in a sex education film, and then on you go.

VAUGHN: On you go, man.

GIBSON: And it was shown in your own high school?

VAUGHN: That's right.

GIBSON: Hmm. It's an interesting way to start. When you were shooting this film down in Wilmington, N.C., there was some publicity about the fact that there was a disturbance in a bar. And I never know how to pronounce his name — Steve Buscemi?

VAUGHN: Buscemi. Yeah, he's a great actor, Steve.

GIBSON: Buscemi the terrific actor in the movie…

VAUGHN: Nice man.

GIBSON: And he got cut up pretty badly.

VAUGHN: He didn't get cut up that badly. You know, there was a lot of misconceptions about what happened and, you know, thank goodness the truth has come out with everything. And the actual attacker is in prison as we speak, and you know a lot of…

GIBSON: Do you have to be careful when you are on location for a film? You know, going to a local bar, you know, people treat actors a different way.

VAUGHN: Usually, people are very nice. And with this, you know, like I said, it turned out that this kid was on psychiatric drugs and was drinking that night and had threatened to cut up a few different people earlier prior to our incident happening — which we had no idea about. So you hear very much that it was sort of about celebrities being there, that kind of stuff, but it was just really not — not the case with this particular…

GIBSON: About a poor unfortunate kid.

VAUGHN: It's about a kid who had some problems and drank and was on some things and sort of flipped out. And you hear that a lot with kids today. A lot of these high school disturbances and stuff, it turns out, a lot of time, it turns out they are on Ritalin or some sort of thing so…

GIBSON: Right.

VAUGHN: …you know, I also for me have forgiveness for the kid ultimately and hope that after he serves his time that he'll be able to have a life and be OK. But it's nice that the truth is out about everything and everyone's OK.

GIBSON: Good, good. Well, again, the movie is Domestic Disturbance, opens a week from Friday with John Travolta. You got a terrific career going. All the best to you.

VAUGHN: Well, thank you, I appreciate it. Nice talking to you.

GIBSON: Nice to meet you.

VAUGHN: You're so money, man.

GIBSON: I wish. That's Diane. Good Morning America continues, stay with us.

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