Cindy Crawford Pregnant Again

Cindy Crawford is with child once again, and she has every intention of spending the whole 9 months in style.

Crawford, and husband businessman Rande Gerber, are looking forward to expanding their family. Crawford, however, is not looking forward to the expansion of her waistline. For now, she's able to fit in larger regular clothes, but her maternity-wear days are just around the corner, she admits. When she's ready to move into maternity mode she'll have more to choose from. is offering a new line of clothes for expectant mothers.

Crawford is on the board of directors at and she is designing an exclusive diaper bag for the site that will be available this summer.

The new collection, available on now and in stores this Mother's Day, has a casual and formal side to it.

The "Newport Collection" is more casual; it comes with a tote that can be used as a diaper bag once the baby comes. It consists of four everyday basics for weekend or work. There is a modern-style cotton-lycra T-shirt, a two-way stretch twill slim skirt, bootleg pant and a stretch poplin shirt. It's available in all black or white and khaki combinations.

The "New York" collection comes in a black tote and features four travel-friendly, day-to-night pieces in wrinkle-free, machine washable black matte jersey. There is a slim skirt, long-sleeved raglan top, easy pants and a black dress.

Crawford says pregnant women should not be shy about showing off their shape. The new maternity line takes advantage of a lot of the new tech-fabrics that stretch. The clothes hug your body rather than just hang off it like most traditional maternity clothes.

Crawford, 35, is currently taking care of her first baby, Presley, who is just 20 months old, while still juggling several other projects. Her second baby is due in September.