GMA: Alternative Medicine Use Rising

Meditation, which centers around breathing and focusing the mind, is used to make people feel less anxious and more in control. It is supposed to balance a person’s physical, emotional and mental states, and it may be used as an aid in treating stress and pain management. It is also used as part of an overall treatment for other conditions, including hypertension and heart disease.

Mind/Body Medicine recognizes the profound interconnection of mind and body, using methods such as meditation, imagery and biofeedback to impact health, based on the concept that mood, attitude and belief can affect virtually every chronic illness. For instance, fear, cynicism and a sense of hopelessness and helplessness can have a detrimental effect on health, while courage, a sense of humor and hopefulness can be beneficial.

Osteopathy is a form of physical medicine that helps restore the structural balance of the musculoskeletal system. It combines joint manipulation, physical therapy, and postural re-education to treat spinal and joint difficulties, arthritis, digestive disorders, menstrual problems and chronic pain.

Qigong is an ancient exercise practiced by more than 200 million people in China every day. It combines movement, meditation and breath regulation to enhance of the flow of vital energy in the body, improve blood circulation and enhance immune function.

Yoga is among the oldest known systems of health, based on the concept that if the mind is chronically restless and agitated, the health of the body will suffer. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation practices to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, regulate heart rate and even retard the aging process.

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