Good Housekeeping: Summer Products

When the heat and humidity are on the rise, some will look for extra products to keep their hair at a reasonable size. But which products will do the best job? The Good Housekeeping Institute tested leading brands of products to see if they held up to their claims to decrease frizz. The chemists applied the anti-frizz products to hair swatches and then put them in a special chamber where the air could be tightly controlled. Humidity levels were set at 80 percent.

Pantene's "Moisturizing Curls Shaper" Anti-Frizz Crème ($7.53 for 3.5 ounces) did the best job keeping hair from frizzing up. The pricier Redken "Outshine Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk" ($12.75 for 3.4 ounces) was a close second.

Summer's Second Worst Enemy: Body Hair

What woman wouldn't want great, sexy legs? But getting them — and keeping them looking great — takes some doing. To help, Good Housekeeping Institute and Good Housekeeping's Beauty Editor Amy Keller combined forces to test the latest leg products. They found some useful ways to remove hair among razors, depilatories and waxes. The results:

Best Razor: The Gillette Venus Divine Razor ($9.50) was the best of the four razors tested. It has a coated triple blade with an Intensive Moisture Strip. The testers said Venus was easy to use and left their skin smooth and hair free. None of the testers experienced irritation or cuts.

Best Depilatory: The Veet Bladeless Razor Kit ($7.99) edged out two other depilatories. It has a gel cream used with the "bladeless razor," a plastic tool to scrape away lotion and hair. Testers said the Veet kit was quick (the process took three to seven minutes), long-lasting (up to six days), and had a pleasant smell. "It's as efficient as a razor," said one former blade devotee.

Best Wax: The GiGi Hemp Wax Microwave Hair Remover ($17) came out on top. It's applied from a tub with a wooden spatula-like tool; the kit comes with a post-wax cream and a prepping solution to prevent pain.

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