Actress Carmen Electra to Wed on TV

When Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro walked down the aisle, it was anything but traditional, from the rock royalty on the guest list to the platinum and red wedding invitations.

Yet despite Navarro's black nail polish and Electra's jokes during the couple's vows — the couple maintains that some elements — mainly Electra's white dress — were traditional.

There is a side of us that are traditional," Electra said on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America. It's the union that's traditional. It's the exclamation of our love for one another, which is traditional," she said. "The reception was not traditional."

Fans of Navarro and Electra will get an inside look at both the traditional and non-traditional elements of their nuptials. The new MTV reality show 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen & Dave, documents every move of the ex-Baywatch actress and the Jane's Addiction guitarist as they juggle work with wedding preparations and get ready to take the plunge.

The seven-episode series premieres Jan. 21 on MTV, and follows the couple right through to their wedding in Los Angeles — which actually took place Nov. 22.

"There are simple things that I now love that I never thought that I would love," Navarro told Electra during their vows."Hip-hop music, the crack of the opening of a Coke can and your fiery temper."

His bride-to-be had similar adoring words.

"I never thought I'd be with a man who looked in the mirror more than I do," Electra said. "Thank you for changing my life and teaching me so much. You're the most beautiful person I know. I love you."

It is a second marriage for both. Electra, 31, was very briefly married to ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman in a Las Vegas quickie wedding back in 1998.

She married Rodman not long after losing her sister, Debbie, 40, to a heart attack and her mom, Patricia, 58, to a brain tumor just a week later.

Electra was quick to point out that their marriage lasted longer than other celebrity unions.

"We beat Britney [Spears] by five months," she said. She and Navarro, 36, met on a blind date in 2000 and were engaged less than one year later.

They both said they knew it would be true love at first sight.

"When I first saw Carmen, it was like a shot through the heart," he said.

"On our nine-month anniversary, we stayed in a hotel and I had taken a picture of the engagement ring and was going through some pictures and showed that one to her, then I got down on one knee and presented the real ring."

Electra said she and her new husband decided to allow MTV to document their wedding because they thought it would be cool to show it to their kids one day.