Where Is Tonya Harding Now?

If Nancy Kerrigan was the darling of the 1994 Olympic Games, Tonya Harding -- whose ex-husband orchestrated a plot to take Kerrigan out of the competition -- was the villain.

But over the last decade, Harding has been able to move on with her life and just a few days ago, she returned to the ice, where she once had been one of the top figure skaters in the world. Now she hopes to inspire others who are working to get over horrible events in their lives.

"People really like me," Harding said. "People want my autograph, they want to see me, they want pictures with me."

Harding says people relate to her as an example of someone who has overcome great adversity.

"They look to me as a normal person who has gone through some horrible thing," Harding said. "Life is a roller coaster and it has ups and downs and no matter what you do, you can't give up."

Since 1994, Harding has appeared in the movie "Breakaway" and recorded a CD of original songs dedicated to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. In 2002, she entered the world of celebrity boxing, beating Clinton accuser Paula Jones in a bout on TV. She has since defeated three other "celebrities" and gone 30-3 in professional boxing bouts.

"Trying to then figure out what can I do in life to feel good about myself, took me so many years," Harding said.

Harding just recently returned to the ice.

"I've only been working on my jumps for four days. It was a great feeling flying through the air and feeling it again," she said. "I just want to be me and skating is me. I don't want to compete. I'd like to have my own skating show, though."

Tonya Harding's story is airing on a new GSN Network For Games special, "Anything to Win: Tonya Harding-Her Story."

"My anything to win is success," Harding said.