Syrian Youth: 'Let's Build a Bridge' to U.S.

"They lack a lot of values that we have. I mean living in a system, such as the American capitalistic system, everything revolves around money. I lived in New York, and everything is just so fast paced. And everything is around money," he said.

A central freedom to American young people is political freedom and freedom of speech. Ali said that Syrian young people were not afraid to discuss politics, and wondered what "freedom of speech" really meant if no one was listening.

"The American kids say they don't want war in Iraq, but are they … answered? OK, they can they can talk till the dawn, but I mean, they're not that answered," she said.

Sawyer presented each of the young people with a question: If you could ask the American people something, what would you ask them?

"Why don't you try to find the truth because you are misled. So try to find the truth about us," Habib said.

"I would ask them to -- let's build a bridge between our cultures because at the end we are all humans. And we are all going to one destiny. We have to put our hands together, you know. Stop stereotyping the other," Ali said.

"I wish them to keep their thirst for information. Because the bridge that was, the different continents is now being connected through communication. And they're seeing a lot more of our culture, so keep being who you are. Eventually we're going to build that bridge," Diab said.

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