Iranian President Says He's Ready to Cooperate on Nukes, Calls Holocaust an 'Excuse'

Sawyer: I don't speak Farsi but

Ahmadinejad: Well, we will say it clear when the time comes, we are the only country whose activities are completely transparent and we will just inform the world if we do something.

Sawyer: I talked to IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency ] yesterday, and they say something different, that there are gaps, but I'd like to move on if I can … because the president has said we will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. Do you think America is preparing to take military action against Iran?

Ahmadinejad: Well, of course the current president doesn't feel obliged to speak within the framework of law. He thinks to be above the law. We work within the framework of the agency, and we work based on laws and regulations and we want to have what we are entitled to, not war. I think it's quite clear. And President Bush cannot pass the buck to others and and solve the problems of Iraq by pointing fingers.

Israel and the Holocaust

Sawyer: Let's turn to Israel for a moment. I do not want to debate again the whole question of the Holocaust -- whether the Holocaust is a myth, which you have said. Would you be willing to go to Auschwitz and see their documentation? You're a scientist. Would you be willing to look at the room with documentation?

Ahmadinejad: Do you think it would solve any problem?

Sawyer: It would be information for you if you genuinely believe it's a myth.

Ahmadinejad: Well, one of the methods used for concealing the truth is diverting a topic. Question is if Holocaust is true. … To the Palestinian issue, why for the excuse of the Holocaust we have an illegitimate government in Palestine? Why in the name of Holocaust we allow people to occupy the land and make refugees and kill children? There are the questions that must be answered by American politicians, not to divert the attention.

If something has happened in the past of historical nature, then why are people sensitive to it now, and if it's not related to the Palestinian issue … they should tell us where it is relevant. If it is unimportant and if it is true, then open the way to research. … These are serious questions. I have nothing to do with these questions of course.

I'm asking why, for the excuse of Holocaust, we have an imposed regime here in the region with 60 years of invasion, making people refugees. We say that Palestinian children and women they are people … and love their homeland and if someone comes to the U.S. and with some pretense and some phony excuse, establishes a government and kills children, it's a serious question. You cannot let this question to go unanswered. This is a very serious question. The relationship, Holocaust and the … massacre of Palestinians. This is the question.

Sawyer: You have said Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth. You have said that anyone who recognizes Israel will burn in fire of Islam's fury. Do you still say those things? Do you still want to say those things today? And … if the Palestinian issue, from those talks, if they agree there should be two states, would you accept Israel into the United Nations?

Ahmadinejad: It seems that you are to broadcast everything. Is that true?

Sawyer: Yes.

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