Iranian President Says He's Ready to Cooperate on Nukes, Calls Holocaust an 'Excuse'

Ahmadinejad: You know some people cut the interview. They do not broadcast in full. And what we have said about Palestine, it's quite clear, based on the charter of the U.N., based on international regulations, we say let Palestinians decide. … Please allow the Palestinians to decide. Please respect their decision. But please give them the opportunity for decision making.

If what happened to the former Soviet Union, it disappeared, it disappeared from the face of the Earth, was it because of war? No, it was through the decision of the people and what we say is quite clear.

Sawyer: But burn in the fire?

Ahmadinejad: I will tell you, just wait a little. Just be patient and listen. We believe that in Palestine, there should be a referendum and Palestinians, Muslims, Jews, any Palestinians, and this is based on international regulations and I think it's their right to determine their future. Any decision made by Palestinians must be respected, and I think this is a very clear proposition.

Why are people opposed, what we say is clear. If you continue massacring innocent people, if you continue to make them refugees, and if you continue attacking neighboring countries, then the countries and the people of those countries, regions … get angry, because the Zionist regime was imposed upon them.

You know many families, they don't function … where their members are either incarcerated or killed. … Many mothers are now mourning the death of their children.

Even the Palestinian government, which was elected by democratic vote, is attacked by the Zionist regime. Members of the Parliament are arrested. The ministers are arrested. Israel is not following regulations. … Some American politicians support oppression. There is no other solution.

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