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7. Sports Bras: Remember I'm almost 50 and these haven't been around as long as you think. :-)

6. Nike Sports Watch: Measures your pulse while you work out, much easier than counting it yourself.

5. Exercise Ball: The dogs love it too, I've had to buy three!

4. Food Diary: You don't have to be detailed, it just holds me accountable.

3. Trainer Danny and Gold's Gym: I was skeptical, didn't really think I needed a trainer, didn't think he would make a difference. The first day I was there, he asked me to do an exercise that I had been trying to do all month. When I told him I couldn't keep my balance trying to do it, he explained all I had to do was drop my back knee. Guess what? He was right. EVERYONE NEEDS A TRAINER, it doesn't have to be one at the gym, just get someone to do the exercises with you and watch how you're doing them. I have to agree with Michelle (even though I'm almost 50 and I'm sure I'm not supposed to be looking at the guys at the gym) -- the scenery is not bad either.

3. Bottled Water: Any kind ... the bottle just makes it easier to transport and always have available.

2. Self Magazine and "Good Morning America": Especially Liz and Jonann for giving me the guidance and support for getting fit by 50.

1. My great family and the dogs! Probably wouldn't give this one to the studio audience.

March 23

It was a great "GMA" show this morning, the segment with Cindy gave me new inspiration for the next month!

I have had a great week. I'm really starting to branch out with my workouts. At work we have started a group that goes to Antrim Park two or three times a week for walking or running. I recommend this type of activity to anyone who can manage it. It gives you a chance to unwind after work and avoid rush hour traffic. It also lets you see another side of your coworkers. With our high stress and long hours we sometimes only get to see each other in stress mode. We need a little down time together to see the other side of our organization's departments. I think it is going to be great for our overall health, well being and team building. I'd really like to publicly thank Alicia, a brand new mom who is new mom who is working hard to get back to her pre-baby shape; she put the whole thing together and is instrumental in keeping it going. A bonus to this week walk-run was that I got validation, I really do walk fast and it burns ... just ask Mikey, a really fit 20-something who felt the burn when he walked fast enough to keep up with me.

I worked with the trainer this week. The good news is that I survived and will do it again tomorrow; the bad news is, why didn't I do this years ago? Danny, my trainer at Gold's Gym, is amazing. Exercise does not come easy to me. I just have never been able to really understand the pictures or the videos so I would get bored with it and stop. Danny is able to give me immediate feedback, letting me know if I'm doing the work out appropriately. He had me using 10 pound weights! I don't even pick up the 10 pound weights at home. The stretching he had me do after the work out must have worked because I really wasn't sore the next day. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

March 17

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