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Unfortunately it was a very difficult weekend to diet. I thought it would be easy, even went to the grocery when we got there on Friday and bought fruit to stock the fridge for snacks, (my son's diet appears to consist of meat, beer and hummus). My problems started on the way to Virginia when we stopped at a diner for dinner. I ordered a salad with low fat ranch dressing on the side, our waitress was a little surly (they were getting ready to close), so when she brought me regular ranch I just shut up and ate it. Friday for lunch in downtown Charlottesville I ordered what I thought was a grilled chicken salad...what I got was chicken salad. Again I just ate it. Friday night we went to an amazing South African restaurant, "The Shebeen." I made decent choices there, but unfortunately, Tim ordered the shepherd's pie and I couldn't keep my fork out of it.

Saturday started with good intentions, but if any of you have ever been at a rugby game, you know about the celebrations afterward. So today I start anew -- with my live appearance on "Good Morning America" one week away, I am going to need A LOT of support. During the next month we have weddings and graduations to attend; I know I need a plan to prevent regrets. Some of my ideas: always carry something to eat and drink in my purse, ask more questions about the menu in restaurant, and don't go anywhere hungry! Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Aprill 11 -- New Size, New Shoes, New Attitude

Easter had me a little worried, being from a very large traditional Catholic family all holidays come with a lot of family and a lot of food! This Easter was no exception, I was responsible for Easter Saturday dinner. I made a good choice with a tapas menu -- we had lamb chops (appetizer size), steak strips, brushetta and whole wheat bread, scallops, spinach punjab-brown rice and garbanzo beans, shrimp cocktail, whole wheat pasta and asparagus salad, berries and low-fat whipped cream. I was able to eat a small portion of everything and everyone loved the menu.

Brunch on Easter Sunday was not quite as easy -- I don't think there was a food item at brunch that didn't consist of mayo, cheese, sugar, or sausage! Thank goodness I came prepared -- I ate a bowl of oatmeal before I came to brunch and filled up on fresh fruit. Before you start to think I got through Easter without eating any candy let me tell you why there was no Easter candy in the baskets this year. The Easter bunny still visits our house and probably always will (this year Easter baskets came with iPods, jewelry and designer purses -- definitely guilt-ridden overcompensation), but the Easter bunny ate the one bag of candy that had been set aside for these baskets after a very bad day at work!

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