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Well, week 3 is just about over and I'm happy to announce my clothes are fitting looser. According to the official scale at the gym I've lost 9 pounds so far! I'm also feeling a little stronger and I am starting to notice some muscle tone. Will, my trainer, says I am losing inches all over. It has really been hard work but I am proud of my efforts! I had a great time over spring break because I got to visit with family but I am really happy to get back into my routine.

Weekends are still scary because of all of the diet pitfalls out there. Marco and I rarely eat red meat but decided we were craving a steak Saturday night. The smallest size on the menu was an 8 oz. steak. The sides included mostly fried things or mashed potatoes. I settled on an 8oz. steak and a baked sweet potato. When the steak arrived I immediately cut it in half and set the other portion on one half of my plate. The sweet potato came engulfed in butter, and as if that wasn't enough, there was a container of butter on the plate -- just in case.

No wonder so many Americans are obese! We've really got to take a long hard look at what we are consuming and demand healthier foods everywhere. I must've looked loony but I squeezed as much butter as I could out of the potato and cut that in half as well. I was satisfied after eating half of the portion of steak and potato. When the waiter came and inquired about dessert, we immediately said no thanks.

I am exited about the week to come. I'm really starting to look forward to my workouts. They are such a great stress relief. I've also decided to run (or run/walk) the next 5K here in Austin. I figure if I have something to train for, after the challenge is over, I'll be committed to life long health for good.

Beginning of Week 3

Week 3 is here and I'm feeling pretty good about the challenge. It's getting easier and easier to make good food choices -- even while eating out. I was in San Antonio for a few days this week and substituted walking during the day for my cardio. Marco and I visited the old Spanish mission where in about two months we will be getting married. I can't wait!

I managed to fit in a strength and cardio session at the gym this Monday and will do another one on Friday. I was nervous about eating out because of how damaging some restaurant food can be to someone's waistline, health, etc. I mean the portions are GINORMOUS -- enough to feed two or three people! And I used to eat like that!

The hotel where we stayed served continental breakfast. Instead of grabbing sweet rolls, greasy eggs and sausage, or making myself a waffle, I felt satisfied with making myself some regular instant oatmeal with skim milk. I toasted an English muffin and I was good to go. No guilt.

For lunch, I always chose grilled chicken either with a salad or with some rice and beans. Today I did allow myself a spoonful of flan and a spoonful of Tres Leches Cake, another one of my favorite desserts. I felt satisfied and happy. Not stuffed to the gills. All in all, I'm feeling really good and can't wait to see the results as I stay on track.

Day 14

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