Sen. Hillary Clinton Answers Iowans; Questions

What I'm arguing is that we need to improve quality and reduce costs. And one of the first ways to do that is to create electronic medical records. … We need to have that in private health care, every doctor's office, every hospital.

I'd like to see us get back to funding the NIH [National Institutes of Health]. Under the Bush administration, we began to cut NIH.

Angelica Jones, via Be Seen, Be Heard video submission: Hello Sen. Clinton, my name is Angelica Jones, and I'm the executive vice president of the association of students at Cal State University San Bernardino. Are there any incentives for students in your health-care plan?

Clinton: How can students be covered? I think a couple of different ways. … I think as long as you're a dependent and especially if you have any health problems, your family should be able to keep you on their policy.

Many young people, when they start to work, go to work for employers who don't provide health insurance, and many young people don't think they need it because they're healthy. … But you're not immune to accidents or illnesses.

I think if we had choices for health care plans … a lot of healthy young 20-somethings would say, 'I'm healthy. I'm going to get the minimal benefits.' … But it's really important everybody be insured.

I think we can get the costs down for young people, and I would like to do that because I would like to provide that option to them.

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