Report: Prince William and Kate Split

A London paper is reporting that Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton have broken up.

According to London's The Sun, which carred the headline "Wills and Kate Split" on Saturday, the couple reached an "amicable split."

The newspaper is confident that the breakup is real, said Arthur Edwards, the royal photographer for The Sun who has been covering the couple for years.

"Absolutely, 100 percent -- he and Kate have split," Edwards told "Good Morning America Weekend Edition." The report is "based on information that we've got and we've had the information corroborated. We are 100 percent certain this has happened."

Despite rampant rumors about a royal engagement between William and Middleton over the past year, Edwards called those reports "conjecture."

"[William] said that he thought 28 was a time to get married. … He's 25 in June," Edwards said. "He's a few years yet. I don't think Kate wanted to wait that long."

As for Middleton, constant media attention and the sometimes long-distance nature of their relationship may have contributed to the breakup, according to Edwards.

"I thinks he felt she's got her own career to consider … and she gets a terrific hounding from paparazzi," he said. "Prince William is away all the time. He's on Army maneuvers."

"The attention on this young lady has been tremendous," he added. "When she had her 25th birthday … there were 30 or 40 photographers pestering her all day long, and I think she's had enough and he can't do anything to help her."

Still, Edwards won't rule out a reconciliation between the young couple.

"You never know they could get back together. They had a split at university for five months and got together after that," he said. "Prince William is out there, probably the world's most eligible bachelor -- so there's a chance for those American girls."

Buckingham Palace would not comment on the report.