Petraeus Says British Not Planning Early Withdrawal

"That there are some political factions that would like to throw sand in the gears of our relationship," he said. "I communicate to him several times a day, meet with him several times a week, generally with the ambassador as well. We have a relationship which includes good, frank and open conversation. We don't always agree, but we certainly have the strength of a relationship that allows us to discuss those issues and come to resolution on them. And at times politics trumps the military, and we accept that."

But the relationship with the prime minister is not the only thing making news. Some question whether the Saudis are doing enough to control the Saudi Arabia-Iraq border, amid reports many foreign fighters are coming from that area.

"I'm not sure that they're coming across the Saudi border," Petraeus said. "I think what we have found is that it is Saudi citizens and citizens from North Africa and in the region who are coming through Syria."

In the past, the commander has been critical of Syria for allowing foreign fighters to come through its borders. But this morning he cited a recent incident displaying the evolving partnership between the two countries.

The Syrians captured a young Saudi man, who decided at the last minute not to go through with his suicide bomb.

Many of the foreigners used to come through the airport, but Syria actually may be tightening up its borders, Petraeus said.

"We hope that's the case," he added. "We would applaud it if it is and hope that they would increasingly do more to limit this flow."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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