Jackpot: Town Sells Winning Lotto Ticket Again

Gettin' lucky in... Indiana?

For the second time in less than a decade, the small town of Richmond, Ind., has sold a winning multimillion dollar Powerball ticket.

After crowds of hopefuls lined up from Connecticut to Wisconsin to purchase Powerball tickets for the $314 million drawing, lottery officials announced over the weekend that the winning ticket had been sold in Richmond.

"For something like that to happen twice in one town, definitely the people out here must be blessed," one man said.

Nine years ago, a $295 million winning ticket was sold at a Speedway gas station in the town. Thirteen factory workers sharing a single ticket hit that 1998 jackpot, but they never revealed their names to the public.

"I have protected their identities from disclosure to anybody and everybody regardless of network, regardless TV personality, regardless of anybody, said the lucky 13's former attorney Larry Sturtz. "No one has gotten through me to find their names."

Some residents have attributed Richmond's lucky streak to superstitious residents who carry lucky rabbit's feet and bracelets, while others said it could be local water or corn.

"Lightning does strike in the same place twice sometimes and that's what's exciting about it," said a Speedway gas station manager.

The winner of the latest $314 million ticket could come forward as soon as today.