Govs. Risk Humiliation in Super Bowl Bet

What's a Super Bowl without a bet between the two teams' state governors?

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell discussed their wager on "Good Morning America."

Cheese Steak Trash Talk

"Well, I wanted to make the traditional food bet," said Rendell. "I thought we'd bet one Philadelphia cheese steak, the most precious eating experience on Earth, against 12 lobsters."

Romney was quick to decline that offer.

"Actually, I like Boston cheese steaks and sausage sandwiches better," said Romney.

Hoop Nightmares

Instead, they agreed on a more entertaining bet.

"We said the losing governor has to go to the Celtics-76ers game in the other host's city and sing the national anthem," said Romney. "I'm looking forward to hearing Ed Rendell sing, with gravel in his throat, the national anthem to a cheering Boston crowd."

The Philadelphia Eagles will face the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl on Sunday in Jacksonville, Fla.