Blogging Through Team Allegro's Carpool Adventures

Carpool Log: Friday, July 25, 2008 -- It's Been Fun


First we would like to say it's been fun participating in the Car Pooling online info transfer. We hope by doing this other interested parties will see how much fun it can be and get together and start their own car pool groups. Not to mention how much money you can save.

All of the Allegro team is registered with the MassRIDES program, which is the Massachusetts Travel Options service, providing information and assistance to employers, communities, travelers, and commuters. This ride matching service is an online system that has over 13,000 registrants who live and/or work in Massachusetts. MassRIDES also offers the Emergency Ride Home program, assuring carpoolers that they will be able to return home quickly and safely in the event of a personal emergency via taxi or rental car.

Thanks from The Allegro Team:

Clarence Nichols: Principal R&D Engineer, 24 years with Allegro.

Larry Wood: Unix System Administrator, 24 years with Allegro.

John Pyle: IC Product Marketing Manager, 23 years with Allegro.

James McClay: EDA Section Head, 7 years with Allegro.


Carpool Log: Thursday, July 24, 2008 -- $1,400 New Pocket Cash, Intangible Benefits

By JOHN PYLE, Marketing Manager, Allegro MicroSystems

For all the selfish reasons I wanted to carpool. Also, with the recent gas prices I was concerned with meeting my monthly Budget. In the beginning I was unhappy with the thought of losing my freedom to come and go as I pleased. However, after joining this group a few weeks ago I have found the ride to be a kick, (Good Fun).

It's interesting that we don't discuss work issues often and even though there are no hard rules in the carpool, work related discussions are light. We have open discussion on any subject and make sure not to cross the line where personal feelings could be compromised.

However, this group works well because we are all thick skinned and can laugh at ourselves. The group seems to enjoy the ride and most days' we laugh for a good portion of the trip.

So, for all out there considering carpooling I recommend you remember this change in your life might be different, not good, and not bad. So, go with flow, relax, and enjoy the ride.

It can be all good when considering: Monetary Savings, Environmental Impact, Enjoy meeting new Co-Workers, Overall Safety improvements with fewer cars on the road, Performing a good neighbor community service, Carpooling requires a team effort. Team building is always helpful in the work environment.

In thirty years of driving to work I never carpooled thinking it would be too much of an inconvenience. I was wrong and wonder now how much money I threw away. Too late to look in the rear view mirror and I now plan to stay with this carpool for all the obvious reasons.


Carpool Log: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 -- $1,400 New Pocket Cash, Intangible Benefits

By JIM McCLAY, EDA Section-Head, Allegro MicroSystems

Up front, lets look at the numbers: Prior to joining the "car-pool bunch", a full week's work commute consisted of driving 220 miles at a cost of $45/week (21mpg @ $4.10/gallon). Subsequent to joining the "car-pool bunch," real-time driving decreased to 90 miles/week; accordingly, decreasing travel cost to $17/week (~63% reduction). So a quick yearly glance at savings (best-case), we are looking at $1400 of in pocket cash.

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