Blogging Through Team Cartus's Carpool Adventures

Carpool Log: Friday, July 25, 2008 – Change Your Underwear, Change the World

By TREVOR MACOMBER, Corporate Writer, Cartus Corp.

Ahh—back in the saddle again.

After a brief hiatus, Patrick and I resumed our carefree carpooling ways today. To his credit, Patrick didn't seem to hold my disappearing act of yesterday against me—although, now that I think about it, he did seem to keep me standing outside in the rain for a suspiciously long time this morning as we debated who should drive today.

Despite the occasionally torrential rain, the ride in was pretty smooth, with the only speed bump consisting of Patrick's putrid predilection for talk radio. He claims it was sports talk radio, and thus inherently acceptable under the universal Guy Code, but I noticed he changed the station pretty quickly after my observation.

To be fair, Patrick really seems to have come around to the idea of sharing his vehicle with others. In fact, he actually invited me to come with him when he left at lunchtime to get a haircut. I declined, naturally, because that's just creepy, but it shows he's making progress.

As for me, after this weeklong experiment, I'm think I'm just as inclined to continue carpooling as I ever was. When you consider my normal 50-mile round trip commute and the $4.40 per gallon gas prices in our area, the savings I'm reaping from sharing commuting responsibilities with just one other person approach $80 per month. That's like two Hawaiian shirts right there!

Yes, I know there's little chance of convincing Patrick to continue carpooling with me once I'm fully ensconced in my new zip code, but at least the environmentally sound seed has been planted in the formerly barren—but now richly fecund—recesses of his commuting soul.

It's like my grandmother always said: "Some people don't even change their underwear, so how can you expect them to change their very nature?" Very true Bubbe. However, I'm holding out hope that Patrick will prove you wrong—on both counts, preferably. (No wonder he has all those air fresheners hanging on his rearview mirror.)

Carpool Log: Friday, July 25, 2008 – Punched in the Face with a Spiked Oven Mitt

By PATRICK LEWIS, Senior Communications Specialist, Cartus Corp.

It seems that things are really starting to fall into place, just in time for this little experiment to end, which is perfect timing since the Yankees-Red Sox series starts tonight.

Both parties have been prompt in the morning and, even with the monsoon conditions yesterday, we have arrived at work on time. Trevor may need a little refresher course on Man Law here and there (since it's common knowledge that sports talk radio is compulsory for men), but I actually found myself compromising; I put on some Bob Marley for him, to which he did some unsanctioned dancing -- the only reason I didn't tell him to stop was that he has the rhythm of a bird with a broken wing, and it was just flat-out funny.

And the only reason I offered to have him accompany me for a haircut was because, much like you offer someone with bad breath a stick of gum, he kind of needs a haircut—and a shave. So, in the final analysis, a rough estimate says that I would save approximately $9 for every day that I don't drive, not including wear and tear on my car. To the uninitiated, that's a lot of juice boxes and ice cream for my kids, not to mention the tremendous environmental role model I can be for them.

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