Blogging Through Team Brown and Caldwell's Carpool Adventures

Carpool Log: Thursday, July 24, 2008 – Something Smells Rotten in the State of Colorado


Jack's Story:

Not a day goes by…

Months from now when Kati and Sarah and their families have nearly forgotten about their experiment in carpooling and Kati's car smells normal again, a hint of skunk will still drift behind me, my wife and my dogs.

The dogs got the worst of it, but fie upon whoever said "close only counts in horseshoes." Close counts in skunk. Just ask my carpoolies.

Through the stench, it's hard to come up with chatty blogma about schedules and gas savings and camaraderie.

But it occurred to me last night that I'm not very close with my coworkers. A few groups of BC employees have pretty close relationships, have dinner at each other's places, have to crash on each other's couches sometimes. While I like just about everyone I work with and enjoy their company both at work and at functions outside the office, Kati is the first to see my house (as far as I know). We've been renovating a disastrous yard, so it's not much fun to have folks over unless it has snowed. The front yard has come under some semblance of control, so I hope change is afoot.

Now that the air in my office is humid with Glade odor neutralizing spray, two things are clear – Glade odor neutralizing spray does not cover skunk, and I will never have the moral footing to protest my officemates' colognes or perfumes.

Wish me luck hitching a ride home.

Kati's perspective:

I drive by Jack's house this morning to pick him up. I remember the location because it's the one with the forest of flowering foliage.

Jack and his wife have really improved the neighborhood with their green thumbs. They have a lovely home. It's a beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the windows are cracked.

Just as Jack enters the car, I get a whiff of something familiar, and slightly offensive. Those darn skunks! So, as we pull away, I say to Jack as I'm rolling the windows down all the way, "I smell skunk, let me air it out. Yuck." Sheepishly, Jack replies, "Uh.. that's me. But I brought Glade."

Sarah gets in on the ordeal when we pull up to her house, and she opens the front door to witness Jack spraying himself down quickly before re-entering the car for the rest of the trip to the office. Are you kidding me! This is just too much. Needless to say, we laughed until we cried, all the way to work. I work on a different floor than Jack, but every couple of minutes I think I catch a hint of odor wafting… is it on me now? Is it in my clothes?

Mental note: Glade odor neutralizing spray does not neutralize skunk.

Hey Jack – good luck hitching a ride home.

Sarah's perspective:

Okay – so it is always a concern that your carpool buddy might not wear deodorant, have garlic breath, or have eaten beans for lunch.

These are real, everyday items a person might expect out of a coworker. But this skunk bit far surpassed the realm of the expected. This is "out of the box thinking."

Monkey arms had portions of his body hanging out the window all the way to work this morning. With the windows open and skunk boy in the back we were able to make it to work without being absolutely overwhelmed. We also got to hear, with greater clarity, the high pitched whine that Kati's car makes when in motion. Altogether it was unbelievable. I am nearly in tears writing this.

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