"Will Work From Home" Book Excerpt

Why spend hours upon hours of your day commuting to work?

Author Tory Johnson visited the "Good Morning America" studio today to offer tips on how to make the transition from working in an office to working at home.

Her new book, "Will Work from Home: Earn the Cash -- Without the Commute," gives anecdotes, resource guides and lists of scams to avoid, all in pursuit of a commute-free workday.

Read an excerpt from her book:

Chapter One

Home Is Where the Job Is

In a perfect world, we'd all sleep late, stay in our pajamas on days when we're worn out, and have the time to do exactly what we want. We'd never punch a time clock, attend another meeting, or pick up fast food on the way home from a Little League game. We'd have prepared a fresh salad, pasta sauce, and cupcakes in advance, because we'd have the time. But real life isn't always conducive to such. Instead, we're late to the meeting, we're probably going to miss the first four innings of the game, and afterward, it'll be burgers or pizza. Why can't we turn that luxury-of-time fantasy into a reality?

Um . . . wait, we can. Suddenly, the choices we have to work from home, to set our own schedule, to be our own boss, and call the shots are exploding. To borrow from science, what we're seeing is the equivalent of a "Big Bang," and we're dealing with an enormous money-making opportunity. There's a whole new business universe out there, and it's changing the way many women and men work and live.

The myth is that homemakers eat bonbons, watch soaps, and take care of their kids. The reality is that there's a new revolution of people staying home these days and they're doing a whole lot more than folding laundry; they are moms and dads, new grads and grandparents, skilled professionals, and high-powered executives.

These individuals are finding more energy, more time, more ways to make money, and yes, they're doing it their way. So, if working from home is where your heart is, you are in the right place. It's definitely the right time.

What's This "Big Bang" of Opportunity?

According to the astronomers, the world as we know it, with all its galaxies, stars, and planets, started with a giant explosion. That set everything in motion and changed the universe. We don't know for sure that this is the way it happened, but we do know that the earth is here and that it works because of certain forces like gravity and circling the sun.

Okay, the "Big Bang" may be a slight exaggeration, but what we're seeing in society and the business world is a less galactic, but no less powerful, explosion of new ideas and attitudes caused by some dramatic trends that have been percolating underneath the surface for a decade or more.

These forces, or trends, are changing the way we think about work and its effect on our lives. They're making it easier for all of us to work from home, or the park, or the local coffee shop. Alternative working styles are no longer seen as a cop-out or a dropout from the traditional economy. They are very much a part of it -- the smart, savvy part for people who want work to support their lives, not the other way around.

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