'Intern Superstar' Needs Your Vote!

** The winner of "Intern Superstar" will be announced on Sunday's [8/24/08] "Good Morning America Weekend" program and will perform live! Tune in!**

Here at "GMA Weekend," we love our interns.


Because they are full of energy, they don't talk back and they work for free. But imagine our added delight when we discovered that both summer interns are talented performers.

So in this hypercompetitive world of TV news, it only made sense to pit them against each other like musical gladiators for your amusement. Something we -- and our lawyers -- like to call "Intern Superstar!"

GMA Intern Superstars

Scroll down to read their bios and to watch clips of them singing songs they wrote. And you VOTE for who you think -- Revital Roza or ShaLyse Walker -- is the true "Intern Superstar." The voting ends Wednesday at midnight, so don't wait to pick your favorite.

Click here to see ShaLyse's performance.

Click here to see Revital's performance.

Click here to vote.

Revital Roza

Age: 21

Hometown: Wyckoff, N.J.

College: Ithaca College

Major: Television-Radio, with a sociology minor

Click here to see Revital's performance!

Click here to vote.

Describe Your Music: In my music, I like to fuse genres from different stylistic and cultural backgrounds. It's funk, rock, bossa nova, with hints of jazz and an underlying theme of soul.

Your Biggest Musical Influence: My biggest musical influence is the intense, passionate, raw, organic energy of live jazz, funk and rock groups, from John Coltrane to John Lennon, Erykah Badu to the Bad Plus, Afro Cuban All-stars to the P-Funk All-stars to the Greyboy All-stars. Really any live music that inspires me to push the boundaries and keep playing music.

What Gives You the Edge in This Competition? I not only sing with my own unique style, but I've also been playing rhythm and lead guitar for seven years and feel that my music is refreshing and sophisticated next to a lot of the cliché mainstream music that's being put out there right now. I've been writing songs since I was 15 years old, and music has pretty much been my greatest passion since then. I'm also the leader of a seven-piece funk fusion band. ... How many 21-year-old girls can say that?

Your Favorite Part of Interning for "GMA Weekend": I love getting to help out with shoots. The hands-on experience with the producers has taught me so many great lessons that I will take with me on all my journeys through life. It's cool to see a piece that you helped do research for and logged finally get played on air and seeing your hard work get paid off.

Your Least Favorite Part of Interning for "GMA Weekend": Least favorite part? There's no such thing. "GMA Weekend" has given me only the best experiences!

The Silliest Task You Had to Do for a "GMA Weekend" Anchor: For the Miley Cyrus concert, I woke up at 3 a.m., got to Bryant Park around 4:15 a.m. to stand on line with all the crazed moms and fans to make sure important guests had a guaranteed front row spot. It was crazy but well worth the story.

Which "GMA Weekend" Anchor Would You Want to Be Stranded on a Desert Island With and Why? Whichever anchor is most likely to get us unstranded!

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