Report: Casey Anthony Asked for Sedatives After Daughter's Remains Found

New videos and e-mails released Monday in the case of a Florida woman accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter suggest the woman's family was nervous about her story before she was indicted for the girl's death.

In an undercover video taken by investigators, Casey Anthony's brother Lee Anthony can be heard describing a mysterious smell in her car after her daughter Caylee went missing.

VIDEO: The mother accused of killing her daughter reacts to remains being found.

"I just went, holy s---, I couldn't even describe it smelled like garbage, but I couldn't describe. It's something you don't want to, but you actually have to smell. It was atrocious," Lee Anthony said.

In an e-mail also released Monday by prosecutors, Casey Anthony's uncle wrote to her mother, Cindy Anthony, telling her she was in denial.

"Casey knows she has to lie to cover everything up. … I know you want to believe otherwise Cindy but it just don't add up," he wrote.

New Evidence Released in Casey Anthony Case

The videos and e-mails were among hundreds of pieces of evidence in the case released by prosecutors, including videos of police interviews of Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony is scheduled to stand trial in October on first degree murder charges. Prosecutors say she killed Caylee, whose remains were found in December not far from the home she shared with her mother and grandparents.

Casey Anthony has pleaded not guilty. Her lawyer declined to comment on the new evidence, but other lawyers said it will be a challenging case to defend.

"I'm sure almost everyone in the court of public opinion has formed the opinion of guilt against her," said Joe Tacopina, a New York defense attorney. "What they're doing is going to make it much more difficult to get a jury in this case."

Recently released evidence in the case also showed that a laundry bag, duct tape and plastic bag found with the remains matched similar items in the Anthony home.

According to a report by Orange County sheriff's detective Yuri Mellich, investigators found plastic bags and duct tape in the Anthony home that were "similar" to those found with Caylee's remains.

Various kinds of heart-shaped stickers, like one police believe was stuck to duct tape found with the body, were also taken from Casey Anthony's room.

Report: Casey Anthony Visibly Upset When Caylee's Remains Found

On the day Caylee's remains were found, Casey Anthony asked for sedatives, a shift supervisor at the jail where she is being held, told investigators, according to a recording of her interview.

Orange County Corrections Lt. Tammy Unser told detectives that Casey Anthony hyperventilated and developed red splotches on her skin after watching a news report about the remains.

Unser said she was surprised by the reaction because Casey Anthony normally showed very little emotion.

"She was weird to talk to," Unser said. "I don't exactly know how to explain it. Nonemotional would probably be the best way to say it."

Shortly after learning her daughter's remains had been found, after asking for a sedative, Casey Anthony started talking about football, Unser said.

Weeks earlier, during an interview with police on the day she was indicted for her daughter's death, Casey Anthony told investigators that she believed Caylee was alive, according to another recording released by prosecutors.

"You know certain things about your child. You can feel that connection," Casey Anthony said.

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