Woodruffs Nab Parade Magazine Cover

PHOTO ParadeCourtesy Parade

Bob Woodruff's story is an amazing one. Three and a half years ago, he was the new co-anchor of "World News Tonight" when he suffered a traumatic brain injury while covering the Iraq war.

It happened Jan. 29, 2006, when a roadside bomb detonated next to the vehicle carrying Woodruff. The shock wave from the explosion propelled jagged shrapnel and rock at a deadly velocity toward his head.

After extensive therapy, Woodruff was able to recover and even return to television news in 2007. His inspiring story netted him, as well as his twin daughters, Parade magazine's latest cover.

Woodruff's wife, Lee Woodruff, wrote the magazine's article on traumatic brain injuries. Click here to read Lee Woodruff's featured article and click here to Parade magazine editor Janice Kaplan's blog on Bob Woodruff this week.