George Sodini Posted 2 Web Sites, Online Videos Before Pennsylvania Gym Shooting

George Sodini Spoke in Online Videos Before Pennsylvania Gym Shooting

George Sodini, the Pennsylvania gunman who killed three women at a fitness center Tuesday before taking his own life, joked about "dumb blondes" and his lack of a love life on a Web site he set up years ago.

This second site, on which he describes himself as "Crazy George," is in addition to the blog he apparently kept in the months leading up to Tuesday night's shootings at a suburban Pittsburgh gym, and videos he posted online.

On the "Crazy George" Web site, he says his age is "less than forty," and lists his marital status as "single bliss."

VIDEO: Gym shooter George Sodini talks about hiding from his emotions.

The site includes an "Interview with crazygeorge," on which he answers the question, "Have you ever been in love?"

"Hell yea, lots of times, I am still single so obviously nothing ever worked out," is the answer given.

If he could meet one person dead or alive, who would it be? "Jesus Christ."

His favorite alcoholic drink? "Don't drink." He also includes pictures of a cat named Snippers, whom he describes as "The Best Cat EVER!" Snippers, according to the site, lived from 1984 to 1999.

And he includes five "Dumb Blonde Jokes."

VIDEO: Gym shooter George Sodini gives a tour of his Pennsylvania home.

Click here to watch the video of Sodini talking about younger women and here to watch him give a tour of his Pennsylvania home.

Most of the material on the site appears to be from 1999 and 2000. He turned to a blog in more recent times, and to videos he posted of himself online. The video was found by ABC's Pittsburgh affiliate WTAE.

VIDEO: George Sodini walked into gym class, turned off lights and started shooting.

"So my objective is to be real and to be emotional and to be able to emotionally connect with people," Sodini said in one of the videos. "It is easy for me to hide from my emotions for one day ... and there you go and one more day turns into one more year."

The videos were uncovered hours after a hidden message was found in the code of Sodini's blog that said he was considering calling off or postponing the shooting based on a woman he saw in a nearby park.

Click here to read more about the hidden message in George Sodini's blog and click here to read the full text of Sodini's blog.

VIDEO: George Sodinis online diary reveals the motivations behind his health club shooting rampage.

In another video, apparently posted in February 2008, Sodini gives a tour of his home, which featured a flat-screen television, computer and a dinner table set for two.

"The women will be really impressed. Come over here. There's reading material that we're all familiar with," Sodini says in the video. On the coffee table is a book titled "How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35."

In the video, Sodini discusses his tumultuous feelings for younger women.

"Because when I'm 10 to 20 years older than she is, she has to feel good about this thing and the only way around this is to work on this. ... I'm going to post this and see what comes back," Sodini said.

"Clearly, he has a problem because of what he did," forensic psychiatrist Barbara Ziv told "Good Morning America." "The frightening thing is, he is more like you and I than he is serial killers. He's not a guy who is killing because he enjoys killing. He's a guy who wants to make a mark. This is the only way he knows how to do it."

Police say Sodini used two 9-millimeter automatic pistols and fired 36 shots inside the class of around 30 women. He then used a .45 caliber revolver to take his own life. An unused .32 caliber semi-automatic pistol was later found in Sodini's pocket, police said.

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