Blonde Woman Identified Who Helped Ryan Jenkins

"We don't know where the original crime was committed. That's a big piece of the puzzle," the sergeant said.

Jasmine Fiore's Mercedes Is Also Missing

Also missing is Fiore's Mercedes.

"We're trying to concentrate on finding her missing Mercedes registered to her," Kohanek said.

Finding Jenkins body hanging in a motel room did not ease the pain or anger for Fiore's mother.

"It's a relief to know that this man is not out there with the possibility of causing harm to other people," Lisa Lepore, Fiore's mother, said of her former son-in-law. "That was a dangerous person. And now we don't have to worry about him, but I feel like he was a coward. He took the easy way out. He didn't want to face the consequences of his actions."

Rackauckas told "GMA" that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will continue to investigate, but his office is "very confident that we know who the killer is. All of the evidence points to Ryan Jenkins without any question. He's the killer here, he's the sole perpetrator of this killing."

Schroeder added, "As far as we're concerned Mr. Jenkins fled California because he knew he was guilty and killed himself because he knew he was guilty. This was swift justice."

Jenkins, 32, is Canadian citizen who became the focus of a nationwide manhunt after police said he fled to his home country when the mutilated body of his wife, a former Playboy model, was discovered stuffed in a suitcase in Buena Park, Calif., just south of Los Angeles, on Aug. 15.

Fiore, 28, had her fingertips cut off and her teeth pulled out, apparently to make it difficult to identify her. Rackauckas called the attempt to obfuscate investigators "an amateur idea."

"I know there is a TV show where there's a predator who did that to a couple of people. I don't know if that's where he got the idea," the DA said.

"There are other ways to identity somebody," such as DNA, he said.

Fiore was subsequently identified during the autopsy by the serial number on her breast implants.

"It's unusual, but it's not unique," Rackauckas said of the method of identifying Jenkins. "That's happened before."

Ryan Jenkins' Body Discovered in Canadian Motel

Jenkins' body was discovered Sunday by the manager of the Thunderbird Motel in Hope, British Columbia, who said Jenkins hung himself from a coat rack.

Local police answered a call regarding a dead body at the hotel, which is east of Vancouver, and after seeing the body called investigators involved in the Jenkins manhunt. Sgt. Duncan Pound of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a news conference Sunday that "preliminary evidence suggests that [Jenkins] took his own life."

The discovery of Jenkins' body shocked his friends, who had been hoping against hope that he had nothing to do with Fiore's death.

A source told ABC News that one friend who had grown close to Jenkins after they starred on the reality show "Meagan Wants a Millionaire" was especially distraught by the news. He told the source: "I just couldn't believe he did it. I'm a mess. I'm totally taking that to mean he had a guilty conscience. He was my friend. He wasn't supposed to do something like that. None of us could believe it."

Walker, the manager of the Thunderbird Motel, told ABC News he found Jenkins' body at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, about 30 minutes after checkout time. He opened the door, called out and saw a laptop computer in the room, and when he entered, Jenkins was hanging from the coat rack, Walker said.

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