Blonde Woman Identified Who Helped Ryan Jenkins

The motel manager said he saw Jenkins only once in the parking lot, and he did not appear to be the wanted man.

"He didn't look like the guy on TV," Walker said. "He was very gaunt, very thin looking, very worn looking."

A nationwide provisional warrant was issued for Jenkins' arrest Friday, after his car and boat trailer were found in northern Washington state, and his ski boat was found at a marina in Port Roberts, Wash., walking distance from the Canadian border.

Did 'Blow-Out Fight' Lead to Model Jasmine Fiore's Murder?

Jenkins and Fiore met in March and were married a few days later. According to The Associated Press, the couple annulled the marriage shortly after. Lepore said her daughter realized the marriage was a mistake and had it annulled in May.

Jenkins was arrested in June on domestic violence charges after allegedly hitting Fiore. In 2007, he was also sentenced to 15 months probation on an unspecified assault charge, according to the Alberta, Canada, Ministry of Justice.

Fiore let Jenkins back into her life after the domestic violence incident because she was "a young woman who's in love," her mother said. "She gave him a second chance.

"I think she had a big heart. She wanted to have faith in him," Lepore said. "I'm sure he was very convincing that he would provide whatever she wanted. I think he was a professional con artist. My daughter has never had any people around her really like him."

A source that was with Fiore and Jenkins shortly before Fiore died told ABC News about the couple's "blow-out fight in front of everyone" in San Diego overnight Aug. 13-14, the last night she was seen alive.

"Jasmine was playing poker with a big group of friends at the Hilton Hotel," the source said. "She was being very rude and kept putting Ryan down. It was really awkward. She has a cutting sense of humor. He was getting really angry, and it totally set the tone for the rest of the evening."

At about 1:30 they left and went back to their hotel, the source also said.

Jenkins, a television contestant who appeared on VH1's "Megan Wants a Millionaire," called police to report that Fiore was missing, but not until hours after his wife's body had been found.

Lepore said she thought Jenkins "was a fake."

"The things that he said and the way he thought never added up to what someone with his background would be like," she said. "I thought he was a scammer. I didn't believe him."

Lepore said she wanted her daughter to be remembered as "a wonderful person."

"She was kind-hearted, she was thoughtful, she was adventurous, she was strong," Lepore said. "She went out of her way to look after her friends and her family. She was a delight. ... She was a shining light. She just had this exuberance and this vibrancy around her. She was a very powerful and beautiful woman."

The family is relieved, she said, not to have to "spend months and months of our life trying to find this person and bringing him to justice. We wanted justice for Jasmine."

ABC News' Bonny Lou Wagner, Abby Tegnelia, Sabina Ghebremedhin, and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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