Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

Try a V-neck top with an empire waistline. The V will slim your bustline, the seaming under your breasts will provide lift and support, and the fabric below will fall loosely over your midsection for the perfect concealment. Fabrics that are more substantial are good, because they drape nicely over anything you want to hide. Tops with long sleeves are always a plus, but they should never cling to your fuller upper arms. Loose, flowy fabrics like silks, rayons, and gauzy cottons also make the grade. Wear a stretchy fitted tank or T-shirt underneath to add support, hide any bumps and bulges, and provide these lighter fabrics with a solid foundation.

Pants and skirts that fall in a straight line from the hip down and skim over your middle are smart choices. Keep in mind that anything that clings too tightly to the fuller parts of your body will put emphasis in the wrong places.

Prints and patterns can actually distract from the things you want to conceal, so they can be assets to the apple. Feel free to wear them with confidence, and break them up with a solid color here and there. A slightly larger print is best, particularly when the colors are low-contrast and the pattern is consistent. Smaller prints can make you look bigger, so stay away from them. Consider narrow vertical stripes, too, which create slimming lines on your body.

Stay away from pleated pants, pants with side or cargo pockets, or any style with detail or embellishment around your middle. This is not an area where you want to focus attention. Above all, don't wear tapered pants. They'll just make you look top-heavy and exaggerate your fuller figure.

The most important tip I can offer the apple is this: Don't hide your body where you don't have to. Every woman has some part of her that she's proud of, so find yours and flaunt it. Because you have the ability to look majestic, there's no need to take cover under oversized tops and dresses that drag you down. Besides being incredibly boring, these styles make you look bigger and unfinished, and you're way too fab for that!


Best Features: Fantastic Breasts and Shapely Lower Legs

I've never met an apple who doesn't have a gorgeous bustline, so don't be afraid to show a little cleavage when you're dressing up. And if you're one of the lucky ones who have great calves to match, kick up your heels and show your legs off for all they're worth!

Besides highlighting your legs by baring them from the knee down, your style objective is to wear clothing that offsets the roundness of your shape. Look for tops with a square or rectangular cut that stop just below the waist to counterbalance your fullness and conceal your tummy. Also try tops and skirts with asymmetrical hemlines. Their angular seaming and details intersect and cut the bodyline to flatter you from head to toe.

Clamdiggers are perfect for you, because they stop at the knee and bare the lower part of your leg. They're a great alternative to shorts for the summer months. Separates are also a great way to break up your bodyline. For evening wear, a skirt-and-top combo may work better than a dress, because it's easier to find flattering individual pieces seemingly custom-fitted for your top and bottom halves.

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